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A dab of water aids carbon capture

Adding water to asphalt-derived porous carbon improves its ability to sequester carbon dioxide at natural gas wellheads, according to Rice University researchers. The porous particles in the illustration are combined with water and then heated to remove excess water from ...

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Music stars band together for dementia concert

Music stars band together for dementia concert Big names from Scotland’s music scene are joining forces for an intimate concert to benefit ground-breaking research into dementia. Deacon Blue’s Ricky Ross will join Del Amitri’s Justin Currie, with former Danny Wilson ...

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Nanosponges STORE and Recover Energy

Nanosponges STORE and Recover Energy At first glance, nanoporous materials appear like grains of sand, but under an electronic microscope one can see the many tiny pores, measuring only a few nanometres, that characterize them. A single gram of material ...

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Beautifully sad

Self-imposed pain: people who go to the movies also want to experience negative feelings such as grief, fear, or anger. shutterstock Beautifully sad A new study shows why we enjoy negative emotions in film and art Why do we enjoy ...

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